Public Health & Conservancey
It’s a most vital department of the municipality under the W.B.M act. It has the wide range of activities to keep clean and healthy of the urban area. People of all class and communication are everyday making the city dirty with their refused food drinks, even of their carriers. Jungles, weeds are growing up everyday, People are discharging waste water in the drain, where mosquitoes are growing and living all teems. Once most people have service toilets and our employees were engaged to remove night-soils carrying over head bins. Now days are changed service Latrine has been removed .Septic Tanks and has been constructed to capture the night soils and our people making cleaning those septic tanks and wells by cesspool.

They are arranging removal of mosquito from drain. People are throwing garbage in plastic curry bags in the drain and roadside dustbin.
By this way drains are silled rains mouth are choked coursing overflow of water during rainy season.

Besides this, the department had to look into the problems of pollution in all fields. Municipality everyday collecting garbage from individual residence frequently and collecting garbage frequently from roadside vats, market places and dumping these waste materials in a dumping ground. But in view of save land govt. is implementing a scheme of solid waste management by which garbage will be transformed to Bio-manure, gas, electricity etc Since all others urban local bodies , this local body is taking all steps to implement the project with topmost priority. This department also looks into the matter of public health, plague, mass diarrhea and arranges to disinfect affected arrears with the help of people.
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