Sri Sunil Mukherjee

Sri Asani Mukhopadhyay

Taking Care of
Accounts & Cash with Revenue Department

Power & Functions :
1. Annual, interim and revised budget estimates
2. Grants and loans
3. Maintenance of accounts
4. Assessments including assessment of Central and State Govt. properties and railways properties
5. Liaison wth Central Valuation Board
6. Assessment Tribunal/Review Committee
7. Collection of Property Tax and Service charges including those in relation of central Govt. and railways properties
8. Collection of Advertisement Tax and other taxes
9. Granting to licenses
10. Collection of Fees and Service Charges
11. Collection of rents from municipal properties and tolls from municipal ferries and bridges
Chairman in Council
Sri Arun Bhowmick

Taking Care of
Lighting & Electricity,
Vehicle Department

Power & Functions :
1. Street lighting
2. Area lighting
3. Maintenance of all types of pumps and motors (in relation to clean water and turbid water)
4. Lighting of municipal parks, buildings and other installations
5. Electrical plants and machineries including photo electric and non-conventional energy sources
6. Maintenance of electric crematoriums
7. Motor Vehicle
8. Traffic
Chairman in Council
Sri Pannalal Basu

Taking Care of
Water Supply & Poverty
Ellevation Department

Power & Functions :
1. Production of filtered water including filtration, chlorination and silt clearing, storage and distribution
2. Management of unfiltered water including laying of pipelines and maintenance of supply thereof
3. Operation of pumping and boosting stations
4. Laying of primary and secondary grids of filtered water and maintenance thereof
5. Water connection: domestic, non-domestic and community
6. Sinking and maintenance of tube wells
7. Water supply to the neighbouring area
8. Supply of extra drinking water on special occasions
9. NULM / SJSRY Programme
Chairman in Council
Sri Pradyut Bhattacharjee

Taking Care of
Education & Stores Department

Power & Functions :
1. Education & Stores Department
2. Primary and secondary Education
3. Technical Education
4. Adult and Non-Formal Education
5. National Literacy Programme
6. Cultural Development including Music and Art Education
7. Sports and Physical Culture
8. Library
9. Mid-day Meal, engagement of Cook & Helper
10. In-service Teachers' Training Programme
11. Purchase and maintenance of stores
12. Supply of stores to various departments
13. Disposal of un-serviceable stores
Chairman in Council
Sri Tapas Dasgupta

Taking Care of
Public Health &
Conservancy Department

Power & Functions :
1. Conservancy and Solid Waste Management
2. Drainage and Sewerage clearing
3. Burning Ghat, Burial Ground and Dumping Ground
4. Other Sanitary Requirements
5. Food Adulteration
6. Slaughterhouse
7. Control of Environmental Pollution
Chairman in Council
Sri Champak Kumar Das

Taking Care of
Public Health &
Health Department

Power & Functions :
1. Medical services (Hospital, Dispensary, Maternity and Child Health)
2. Health services :
   I. Health Establishment
   II. Vaccination
   III. Registration of Births and Deaths
3. Immunization programme and Nutrition programme
4. Family welfare and planning
5. N.H.M Project
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