The Chairman's Desk “Let us MATERIALISE our DREAMS---
Let us WORK TOGETHER for our beloved

Dear friends & Citizen,

We are happy to inform you that we are going to launch our website to dedicate it to the citizen and interested persons who could get access to various information on development works achieved and future programmes with a harmonious vision.
The present urban scenario of municipality prompts us to ensure sanitation, Pure Water Supply, Roads, Electricity, better Drainage System comprising ideal environment for maximum benefit of all citizens. It is known well that, viewed from geographical angle, Barasat is peerless and when it surfaced to be the District Town of North 24 Parganas in 1986, it has been over burdened with population. The ever surging population demand better health facilities and educational opportunities from the Municipality.
Further, some rural areas have been urbanized to have the facilities of Urban Life.
The merging of Uttar Nabapally, Dakshin Nabapally & Noapara Panchayats with Barasat Municipality has proliferated the original Barasat Municipality .This sort of proliferation and urbanization is not peculiar to Barasat Municipality alone ; this is a trend seen all the over the world to cope with the ever changing scenario.

In the next couple of decades, 40% of population of India will be living in the cities against the present figure of 27.8%. Consequently, the number of first class cities will go up. This increase is all the more spectacular in our state. During 1971-1991, the number of first class cities in our state has increased five fold compared to the national average of two fold. All this is due to emerging trend of Urbanization visible here and there in the World for Urbanization brings in its trail some Facilities. Consequently, programmes of development for the improvement of the quality of the life of the citizens have already been initiated from our end to keep pace with the CRY of the day. As such we have taken up programmes & project for augmentation. Of Water supply, Sewerage, Sanitation, etc. for the infrastructure development and psychic development of the citizens at large.

The five year development plan and annual development plan, therefore, have been directed to give special emphasis on the economically backward section of people. We also give equal importance to good governance. It is true that we have many miles to go. Slowly but steadily we are destined for the visions that have long been cherished. We've already computerized the Dept like - Trade License, Birth & Death, Health. Again Computerization in Assessment, Mutation and sanction of Building plans have been taken up. Dear friends and citizens, to make our city a Dream Land is a colossal task. But we believe that only Sky is the limit. We promise and assure that we will be working earnestly with Municipality as one of the best in our state.

We are working with a VISION for the Year 2035.

Barasat Municipality